Public Workshop Summary: June 6, 2017

During the Workshop, participants were asked to join small, facilitated work groups to provide input on the 7-Year Action Plan for the Open Space and Recreation Plan Update.  There were three rounds of discussion pertaining to the three Goals of the Open Space and Recreation Plan:

  • Land Acquisition, Funding and Management
  • Natural Resource Protection, Stewardship, Restoration and Enhancement
  • Recreation Area Planning and Maintenance

Each Goal had 3 panels, each dealing specifically with Goals, Objectives and Actions:

  • Existing
  • Proposed (based on community outreach)
  • What’s Missing? (what folks didn’t see on the Existing or Proposed boards)

Next, after reading through all of the boards, participants were asked to contribute to the third panel (What’s Missing?), and then prioritize/rank their top three priorities for inclusion in the 7-Year Action Plan as part of the Open Space and Recreation Plan.  

Results were tabulated and presented with the following coding:

  • Yellow highlight represents First Priority
  • Gray highlight represents Second Priority
  • Teal highlight represents Third Priority

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